Monday, 17 December 2012

Fire Grates

I always find it interesting to see how things are made, but have never been able to document something I have made from the start to the finish. These are two fire grates I made for a fascinating curator for the Gagosian gallery from the initial sketches to the finished pieces in his home.
After a few tweaks, the final design was decided, and I ordered the metal. The sides were made out of 20mm x 40mm steel which I forged down and then bent.
Then I drilled and drifted square holes.
And then forced the square bars through to create baskets for the fire to rest on. This was very difficult as I hadn't managed to line the holes up perfectly so each bar wanted to twist out of shape.
But eventually, with a lot of wrenching and a bit of welding, I managed to get them in place. Then I added some legs and they were done.
Here they are in place with fire backs.

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