Friday, 25 May 2012

I've been doing some work for a wonderful calligrapher called Cherrell Avery who is currently doing a residency at the V&A. We had a talk about what she wanted to make - she has been inspired, in her residency, by the metalwork galleries, so we decided she should come into the forge to have a look at what could be done.
Having never taught or even had people watch me forge, it was rather a strange experience - I was scared I would make a huge mistake or try to teach her something wrong. But it went well, and we made some static, scrolled letters and then beat a bar out of shape using the power hammer to make the word "Now" in cursive script.
The results were quite beautiful - I've been interested in calligraphy for a long time and I've been very lucky to have had this opportunity to work with someone with such experience and skill. I think the cursive script suits my style of metal working better.
But, when all of the letters of the more traditional, static ones were done, I found them very interesting. I hadn't worked on that small, detailed scale in solid steel. But I think Cherrell's shapes are so beautiful the steel can't help but look good.

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